Lincoln Motor Company has many new and exciting technological features that make them among the top companies in the automotive industry for driver assist and convenience technologies. Below you will find an explanation of just a few of the features we are asked about the most.  We have included videos to help explain and demonstrate the features, but the best way to to understand these feature is to see them live in action. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to explain and demonstrate any feature you may have questions about. For our purchasing customers, we do a thorough delivery, going over every button, bell, and whistle in the vehicle, but our dealership at 1231 Montour Blvd (RT 11 between Danville and Bloomsburg) in Danville also offers follow up appointments free of charge for any customer whom wants us to go over all of the features in your vehicle after the sale.


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SYNC® 3 with AppLink™

Sync 3's AppLink system allows you to control smart phone applications using only the buttons on the steering wheel of your vehicle and your voice, or choose to use the touchscreen.  You can use Lincoln's On-Line Catalog to find your favorite smart phone applications and see how easily they work with the system. Sync 3 is now available on many models and is compatible with select smartphones.  Commands vary by phone and Sync AppLink software.  Currently Apple Iphone users must use the USB cable for AppLink functionality while Android users can simply pair the phone using the bluetooth connection.

Active Park Assist with Park Out Assist

Lincoln offers help with parking your vehicle too.  Depending on year and model, the park assist function can help get your vehicle into a parallel parking spot, a perpendicular spot, and also help you pull back out when you are ready to leave.
You simply activate the system to let the vehicle know to begin looking for a suitable parking spot. With the system active ultrasonic sensors begin precisely measuring available parking areas to find a spot with large enough dimensions for your Lincoln. When the correct spot is found, the system will notify you on the touchscreen and instructions will follow. Once positioned in front of the parking spot, the system will take over the steering while you maintain control of the gas and brake.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Lincoln's adaptive cruise control system will adjust the speed of your vehicle to match that of the automobile traveling in front of you. When the sensors read that the vehicle in front of you is slowing it automatically adjusts your car's speed to maintain the preset traveling distance.  Then, when traffic has cleared, your car will resume its preset traveling speed, eliminating the need of constant adjustments on longer travels. The collision warning function will sense a potential collision and illuminate in red a heads up display which will flash across your windshield, simulating brake lights. If you do not react in time the vehicle will precharge and increase the sensitivity of the brakes to provide full responsiveness when the brake are applied.

Lane-Keeping System

Lincoln's lane keeping system keeps its eyes on the road even when you don't. The system notifies the driver when the vehicle veers out of it's lane. It can be set to alert which sends a pulse through the steering wheel to notify the driver the system is reading you have left your lane, or aid  which actively applies steering torque to alert you to steer your vehicle back into the lane or both systems can be combined for an even more confident driving experience. The Lane Keeping System uses a forward facing camera to scan the road ahead, when proper road markings are available the indicator on the dashboard will notify you by illuminating green. Included Driver Alert System can detect erratic vehicle movements over a period of time, indicating possible drowsiness; coffee cup displays, signaling it may be time to rest.  Lane-Keeping System does not control steering. Driver-assist features are supplemental and do not replace the driver's attention,  judgment and need to control the vehicle

Lincoln Drive Control

Lincoln Drive Control with CCD ( Continuous Controlled Damping) is a suite of sensors that constantly monitors your vehicles suspension, body movement, braking force, and steering inputs. The vehicle then uses this data to adjust the suspension damping within milliseconds. By selecting one of three ride settings you can adjust how the system responds to the data it receives.  The Comfort setting allows for a softer ride for long trips or relaxing drives, or Sport for a firmer ride and more spirited driving experience, or find a middle ground in Normal mode.  The EPAS (electric power assisted steering) system also help provide a more luxurious ride by providing an easy more fluid steering feel at lower speeds and a firmer more controlled feel at higher speeds, while also compensating for road irregularities such as crowned roads and crosswinds. Then, to make the ultimate driving experience, Lincoln adds ANC (Active Noise Control) to send inverted sound waves into the vehicle to eliminate unwanted noise inside the cabin.